which protocol for Home automation

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I am confused with term protocol regarding home automation project I can see many example of home automation project using raspberry PI. I don't understand which protocol they use to communicate between Pi and PC. Assume Pi running web server to control home devices

We can access pi from anywhere to control home devices. Pi communicate with other device I do not understand which protocol they use TCP/IP, FTP or https so many option


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As a start, google “zig bee”, and read the Wikipedia article. It does a decent job of explaining home automation in general, and Zigbee specifically.


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In a nutshell, you need a "hub" that talks the home automation protocol and physical interface needed for the devices you want to control. Zwave and Zigbee are two of the most popular systems. The hub then interfaces with your PC via normal enet or WiFi. You then need a program/app on your PC that controls the various smart devices via the hub.


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I am playing with Sonoff switches and they come in 2.4ghz (wifi) or 433mhz. On one side the 433 stays off my network but I want to see what is happening from a PC which is on wifi. At the moment I am staying with 2.4ghz for the protocol.

I have played with ZigBee Pro and made networks that covered miles. But who needs that.
Years ago I used power line communications but it is not used much now.

On the Pi, I like Node-Red, web pages to interface with humans.
I want to know what other people are doing with home automation.


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The industry interoperability standard is Z-Wave, based on Zigbee radio. While it is a closed system, its ready availability lead to its rapid adoption and most commercial home automation components use it.

You can get a Z-Wave daughter card for a Pi, or a dongle for a PC. If you use it, at least as one of the available protocols, you will have access to a big array of plug and play HA components.