Which hardware do I need to control 1 solenoid valve when using LabVIEW?

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Hi everyone,

Which hardware do I need to control one solenoid valve to turn ON and OFF on command when using LabVIEW?

I know this must have a simple answer, but I am lost in this topic.

I have used an Arduino before to control a solenoid valve (it was a while back and I am no expert), but I would like to use something more permanent and sturdy, something I could just buy and use without too much hassle. Is there something like that?

I looked into NI products but I had no idea which product to pick. I only have 1 solenoid valve and all I want to do is to turn ON and OFF using LabVIEW. I am using LabVIEW to control a Keithley source meter and the valve will be one small component in the LabVIEW program.

I have not bought a solenoid valve yet, but the solenoid valves that meet my operation requirements are fabricated by Asco RedHat and their voltages are either 120V AC or 24V AC or 24V DC. I know this voltage makes a difference, but I am not sure how.

Thank you in advance for any insights you all can provide!


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What is the nature of the solenoid? AC ? DC? voltage?
DC LV 24VDC is the best option.
If DC a Mosfet could work as an interface with Arduino.

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My options for solenoid valves have voltages of (1) 120V AC, (2) 24V AC, and (3) 24V DC.

You are recommending that I buy the 24V DC solenoid valve? And use a Mosfet with Arduino?

I found the schematic below, I think this is what you recommend. Do you happen to know of another option that has fewer components? Like a product, I could just connect to the solenoid valve and the PC, and done? Thank you.




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Linx for Labview / Arduino is quick and easy to get up and running. Because all of your PC’s resources are available through Labview, you do have many options, but Linx is likely the easiest. NI has an array of products, but are expensive if you don’t already have access to them.


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After having to support some LabView code I came to loath it as a programming environment as it produces write only code.

That said, companies such as SainSmart sell relay modules controlled off a USB bus that looks like a serial port to the PC. LabView can control such an item.


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If your goal is to find a solution which you can "just buy and use without too much hassle" and you need to control it from a LabVIEW program, you could consider the same 24 VDC MOSFET setup you show in post #3 but substitute, say, an NI USB-6501 digital I/O module for the Arduino. One of the 6501 digital 5V outputs would do the job of the Arduino pin 4 in your setup.
https://www.ni.com/en-us/support/model.usb-6501.html In the US this device is $137 retail.
Can be found new/used on ebay also at various prices, many from China with probably long lead times.