Need hardware suggestions based on project requirements

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Hello. I am working on a project that involves displaying some numbers such as temperature on the display.
As a reference we can look at this product:


1. Ultra low power display
2. Ultra low power processor to read the temperature
3. Battery powered device, ideally 1+ year on a small battery

Ideally the numbers displayed on the display would be in white color other than black. (Most display seem to use black color such as the one below):

I dont have much experience with the displays. My questions are:

How to choose display for project such as this one? What type of display draw least amount of power and are most suitable for battery powered applications?

Since this is a very simple device, I am not sure what type of CPU would I need for measuring the temperature. I think event the most basic STM32 is an overkill for this task.

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What is wrong with the low power temperature displays that you have shown?
You cannot do better that those.
There is nothing wrong with the temperature displays I have shown. I am working on a project to create my own temperature display that would be as much energy efficient as possible.

It does not have to be better than the ones I shown. In fact it most likely will be much worse but that is fine.

In terms of CPU, I figured that it does not get any better than EFM32 microcontroller such as:

The result is not as important as the process through which I am going to learn many things.

The most tricky part for me seems to be the display I guess.

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Why do you think you need a 32-bit processor to read and display a temperature? An 8-bit PIC would be my pick.
The reason I picked efm32 is because I thought they would be somewhat simillar to STM32 which I have used many times before unlike the PIC microcontrollers (never used them).

Are there any obvious benefits of choosing an 8 bit PIC versus an 32 bit microcontroller such as EFM32. Lets assume the price is the same.


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Look into the type of e-Paper displays used for price tags in stores. Waveshare makes a large range and the example includes red but there are other options from simple black and white, to 4-level grey scale, to 16-color palette.

The price tag shown in the photo uses NFC to identify the particular tag and it communicates using Zigbee. Amazingly, though, there are e-Paper displays that are entirely powered by NFC and can be changed by an ordinary NFC write to the module.