which capacitor should I chose ceramic or tantalum

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Rahul Sharma 1

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I am having 2.8V on board regulator which is supply voltage to the EEPROM. Do I need to have tantalum capacitor near the EEPROM.

Can Anyone please help me with what happen if I replace tantalum capacitor with ceramic capacitor.



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On my boards, each IC has a 100nF ceramic cap as close as I can put it, and then, "scattered" around the circuit, ther are 10uF tants.
Now, large (10uF) cermic caps are available, so place some of them there too.
Excess bypassing is better than not enough.
It may not be a scientific way to design, but my industrial control boards have proved to be very reliable.


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Things may have improved, but tants used to be famous for blowing up when used as supply decoupling, even if the voltage rating wasn't exceeded. I'd also use a 100nF ceramic for each IC, or 1uF ceramic if the IC switches any power, then some 10uF or 100uF aluminium electrolytics. The higher esr of the aluminium electrolytics means that they work more like a snubber circuit and dissipate the interference signals in their resistance rather than just reflecting them around the circuit. They are particularly good at decoupling voltage regulators for that reason, like a zobel network on a power amplifier.