Wheatstone bridge sensor - signal conditioner/amplifier zsc31050 alternative

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    Jul 31, 2017
    Hello all.
    I need some help with finding an alternative solution to using a ZSC31050 chip for pressure and force sensors.
    Generally the chip functions okay but the limitations that I am trying to get rid of are:
    1. Noise
    2. The software/programmer/sensor calibration process is not very user friendly.
    3. Slow clock frequency 4kHz (I would like to measure maybe 20+ readings per second)
    I am currently using it for the 0V to 10V Analog Output / 4-20mA Current Loop with I2C interfacing for programming and calibration purposes. (shown in the application note attached).
    The requirements are:
    Fairly flexible supply, the wider range the better -> 3-40Vdc
    +-0.1% accuracy
    operating temp -25/+85C
    Zero offset: +-0.2mv/V
    Sensitivity: 1mV/v - 2mV/v
    resistance 1k -10k
    I would really appreciate any help at all.
    So far I have looked at Texas instruments PGA900, XTR106u (for the current look application)
    but I am not sure if they will be any better?.
    If there is no ready made chip available and someone has an Idea of developing something from scratch?