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I recently had cause to buy a new printer, I don't need anything exotic, a local search turned up hi end makes, HP, Epson, Canon etc.
Quite a few models all bellow $30.00.
The replacement cartridges often are double this!
Talk about encouraging a throw away society!
Just buy a NEW printer every time the ink runs out!


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Look closely at the ink cartridge supplied. Most of them supplied with printers are now very low capacity compared with the replacement cartridges.


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I have found the same outcome as 'ebp' , low ink capacity cartridges supplied with the printer unit.
I also buy refilled cartridges at a much lower price and they work OK.

BTW: batteries installed in off the shelf equipment, also have a short working life.



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It is known as the razor and blades model (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Razor_and_blades_model ). Don't know if Gillette invented it, but Gillette is often given credit. It is certainly not a new business model. An interesting and related read is The Hucksters ( https://www.ebay.com/p/The-Hucksters-by-Frederic-Wakeman-1946-Hardback/173279080 ), which is one of the very first books I ever read. One example in that book is the need to add a fresh egg to prepared cake mixes. Think about it, why wouldn't dehydrated eggs work as well?


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I stopped buying inkjet printers and cartridges a long time ago.
I now have two Samsung laser printers, one colour and the other black.
When the toner runs out I refill the cartridges with toner from ebay. Simple, cheap, and easy to do.


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I stopped buying inkjet printers and cartridges a long time ago.
Same here. I bought a Lexmark BW laser printer to do toner transfer and BW printing. Then I finally got fed up with clogged inkjet nozzles on the color printer, so I bought a used Xerox Phaser 6250DP about 10 years ago.

I refill the toner cartridge for the Lexmark, but I buy refills for the color printer. It's old enough that the 5000 sheet replacement cartridges are running $10-20 dollars shipped on eBay.