What's function of PCE164P-N06 Card?

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A new SSR with 5 volts control input and suitable for 120 volt service may run as much as $25 at a higher priced source, or closer to $15 at a decent source. The bottom TC, #4, is what I was thinking about, attached with heat conductive epoxy.
I'm Jon, I'm ignorant about electronics for the most part. I need someone to I'd a part for me. Not sure what it is or it's for. Please help

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Whatever it is, its missing the key component.
It has:
Standard Power connectors: https://www.amazon.com/COMeap-3-Pack-Express-6-inch-15-5cm/dp/B01M348RBC

Likely the rest is a switching regulator to get to a lower voltage.

And a PCIE card edge connector, which is a small form factor Bus.

It's missing the CPU, SATA and USB interfaces which would plug into the edge connector. You have the connectors for the SATA dive, USB and power to and from the hard drive I would guess.


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Like shteii01 said, these are mostly used to add large amounts of graphics cards to a system for cryptocurrency mining.