What'll happen ,If I use any inductor on Audio Input Ground pin?


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In most audio applications it would be highly undesirable, giving rise to ground bounce and interference pick-up and preventing good supply decoupling. But guitarists may like it for that 'special' sound it helps to create :).

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Would it good or not or useless please.
Hello there :)It would not be good.
What you just did inputting a inductor in the circuit like that is an actual engineering problem of protecting the analog signal loop from external noise. Like being really close to a big train as it passes by you. And if that's not enough you and inductor are now inside the noisy train with a bunch of noisy inductors or noisy people making a lot of noise.That train has a name it's called analog signal loop weird name for a train right?
Noise enters the analog signal loop train in two ways. The first is by coupling into either side of the loop by capacitive or magnetic coupling from an adjacent signal traveling too close (we usually call this crosstalk). Crosstalk can be generated by the electric component of an EM field (capacitive crosstalk) or the magnetic component of the EM field (inductive crosstalk). Which form exists depends on the configuration of the two conductors that are next to each other.) By the way your circuit... it's one of the best circuits I have seen in awhile around here. :p
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