What might the reason for TFT Flickering (Not Backlight)

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I have a 10.25inch TFT display. The data signals are LVDS and the command signals are SPI.
However, the TFT Backlight driver IC works at PWM Freq = 200Hz.
What might be the reasons for the TFT Image flickering?
While I try to capture the flickering by recording a video in my phone, I am not able to observe the TFT flickering on the video recording.
Could you please tell me why there is a TFT flcikering and why am I not able to view the flickering in my video? The video is smooth and no flickering is observed


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Probably what you are seeing is updates of the display by the driving software. But taking a video with the phone it is taking very short image snapshots and so it is missing the updates, which are far less frequent. So someplace there may be a setting for update rate and that may be able to reduce the flicker, if it is a problem. It is probably a software issue with no hardware solution.