What material do I need to adhere to this battery terminal?

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This is the inside of my handheld vacuum. The batteries are connected by what appears to be a very resilient adhesive to sheets of conducting aluminum and then soldered to the circuit board.

I have to replace one of the batteries but I couldn't remove the aluminum sheet without breaking it. Can you recommend a product I can purchase to reattach the batteries? I has to adhere on one end to the battery terminal but be able to solder to the other end.



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Are you sure the tape is aluminum and not nickel? Nickel is easily soldered with ordinary leaded solder. Nickel is also a little magnetic. Never tried lead free.

As for the surface, I use a grinding wheel in a Dremel hand tool. I think it gives a cleaner surface. Then I tin the surface before trying to solder to it.

If those are lithium cells, they are much more heat sensitive than NiCd or NiMH in my experience.


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I have repaired a battery pack like this. I used some copper braid stripped from a coax cable, flatten it and tin the ends. As others have said rub down the surface of the batteries and tin them with the solder, keep the heat to a minimum. Wear safety glasses, if you overheat the battery it could explode.


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If you use enough heat to solder you will damage the plastic seals and the battery will not last very long. So a spot weld or a mechanical force contact are the good choices. And I doubt very much that the material is aluminum, it is probably a stainless alloy.