what is up with this dubious amplifier building videos.

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recently i noticed , by researching amplification and the building of an amplifier, that thera a lot of indian dudes , building the most powerfull amplifiers with just a few components.. on youtube. (
as an example)

the build is one that even a todler could do , and he describes it as an 300w ,, ( no fffkk waay) amplefier..

do these builds have anything wrong with it, ,, for example ,, the amp works great. for like a day or 2 , but then it decides to mess up your speaker or somthing ,, like is this just clickbait or is there any truth behind it ?

my whole youtube recommended page is full of these lame vids..

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I do not know what language the guy with the dirty fingernails speaks.
His soldering iron is even dirtier than he is.
He does not know anything about having an enclosure for the speaker.


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Good grief...

Two simple rules to follow, to save yourself a lot of frustration:

1. If it looks too good to be true, it's probably fake.
2. Don't waste your time trying to learn electronics from YouTube.