What is this connector? I need a tool to crimp wires into it.

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I've got this housing plug that I need to squish some wires into, but I think I need a specific kind of tool in order to get them in there. I think the plug is designed to penetrate the plastic shielding around the wires. The connector has "U-2 amp" on it, and no other markings. It's for a bowling alley computer. I haven't had any success figuring out what it is from Google, as it's also probably very old.

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I have one of those tools. It is made of plastic and the centre pins last for only so long.
I repaired it by inserting square metal pins to replace the worn plastic pins.


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We called them IDC (Insulation Displacement Connector) type connectors. They are more frequently seen to connect ribbon wire to a header. There should also be a cover that snaps on, once the wires are pressed down on the conductive pins.