Need assistance in running a ASDA-A2 servo driven actuator without use of CN4 (ASDA-Soft) using CN1 (I/O Connector)

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Hello Community,

I am new to this and need your help in finishing what I am working on. I need to prepare a demo actuator assembly of a servo motor driven cylinder actuator using Delta ASDA-A2 servo driver. I am able to run the actuator perfectly with use of CN4 connector and ASDA software.

In order for someone who doesn't know how to operate the software, I need to run the actuator using toggle switches so no computer/laptop is required. I assume that it can be done using CN1 I/O connector.

I was told to buy just the 50 PIN connector and 3 toggle switches and wire them as below.

I did this but the switches are doing nothing. I think I am missing some more components. Do I need a PLC between servo drive and the switches?

Please advice. Thank you.


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The unfortunate situation is that none of us have a clue as to the connections to that 50 position connector. And without being able to see the circuit, or at least a detailed description of the specific functions of the pins mentioned, we have no clue.
And it may also be that the connections as made are not on the correct pins.
If that is a 50 pin ribbon cable connector, there are lots of ways to get the connections wrong. At least at the one place I worked at, there were several different numbering schemes accidentally used.