What is the typical electrical conductivity of marketed powdered graphite products over a distance of 1cm?

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I'm trying to suss out how some powder graphitic material I processed compares to marketed graphite products in regards to electrical conductivity.
The way I tested was by placing the powder in a filter, flushing it and letting it air dry. This resulted in a fairly compacted material which I then
probed with a multimeter, placing the pins 1cm apart for a prolonged and stable reading of 14.4ohms.

How does that compare with what's out there in the world?


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You didn't provide sufficient information. Resistance will be related to the dimensions of your chunk of graphite. Not that I'm inclined to do your research for you..

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yes, shape and material composition will all be factors. resistance will be low - few Ohms ad not kOhm or MOhms. your value is a representative of what to expect. i remember fun as a kid learning about electricity. we would extract graphite from pencil to make a crude version of carbon microphone. worked like a charm.