What is the material of flyback transformer's core?

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Just as title says, i need to know what material is used for the core of a flyback transformer.

I have heard people say its made of ferrite if yes then can i use it for making transformer, i mean winding it with magnet wire for making cfl drivers? Many people used ferrite rod found in old AM/FM radios for this purpose, so just want to confirm whether the flyback transformer's core can be used for the same purpose.



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there are many different kinds of ferrite materials, so the results may vary.

Also it could have airgap, or not. It's not just the uH value, also the granularity of the material will define when it saturates.

You may get along with some materials quite easily for some purposes, while others will not work well, and some not at all.

Make for instance ten windings.

when you get 10 - 30 uH, then you can use it for low frequency.

when you only get 1uH then it is likely a material for very high frequency.