What is the formula used for AC to DC using a full-bridge rectifier?


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A full bridge rectifier DC output with a capacitive filter will be about 1.4 * Vrms - (2 * Vd) where Vd is the forward drop of one diode in the bridge.
So for 12Vdc out and a silicon junction-diode bridge you will need a transformer with 120Vac in and ≈10Vac out.


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I am trying to have 120v AC to 12v Dc, but I can't find a formula to get it.


I think you need to be a little more specific with this.

What kind of formula are you looking for?
Also, do you intend to use filtering too, and if so, what kind of filtering (no filtering or capacitive or capacitive+inductive, etc.)?


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Formulas is dependant on (1) do You have a capacitor after rectifier or not, (2) do You have a sin signal or probably meandric (1,11 surplus factor), and does Your load is small enough to not bleed the capacitor effect. If those all questions are ok, then standard 220/380 Volt and 50 Hz grid generates 311V in one phase (4 diodes) network and 535V in three phase (6 diodes) network. The voltage loss on diodes (Uf) here is taken in account (without it is 314 and 538). If have an another standard, calculate proportionally.