What is side current alarm?

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I am planning to buy the bts7960. The advertisements, and tutorial mention side current alarm. What is side current alarm? I already tried a google search and reading the datasheet. The datasheet says

The status pin IS is used as a combined current sense and error flag output. In normal operation (current sense mode), a current source is connected to the status pin, which delivers a current proportional to the forward load current flowing through the active high side switch. If the high side switch is inactive or the current is flowing in the reverse direction no current will be driven except for a marginal leakage current IIS(LK). The external resistor RIS determines the voltage per output current. E.g. with the nominal value of 8500 for the current sense ratio kILIS = IL / IIS, a resistor value of RIS = 1kΩ leads to VIS = (IL / 8.5 A)V. In case of a fault condition the status output is connected to a current source which is independent of the load current and provides IIS(lim). The maximum voltage at the IS pin is determined by the choice of the external resistor and the supply voltage. In case of current limitation the IIS(lim) is activated for 2 * tCLS.

That does not give me a clear answer.
What is a current sense? What errors does the status pin detect?


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There is no such thing as "Side-Current-Alarm".
Do you know what the terms "High-Side" and "Low-Side" mean ??
If you don't, this project is probably too advanced for you.
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