What exactly does Flea-Bay Li-Ion BMS chips do and don't do?

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I have been seeing many lithium ion battery management boards on both eBay and Amazon, and am trying to find out what they do and don't do before I begin using them. I ao have many that are in trash batteries. For example, do they control peak voltage to the cell without external regulation? IE, how safe are they to use?


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It probably will be more productive to discuss a particular board. It is particularly important to know whether that board is designed or used for single cells or multiple cells.

I have seen some that use an older (TI?) chip. That part number is given. In others, more recent chips are used, such as those from Microchip (examples: MCP738xx) and TI (examples: BQ21xxx and BQ24xxx). All of the those chips are widely used for single cell charging.