What does V- V- V+ V+ mean on a PSU DC Output terminal?

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If we have a PSU thats rated for 50W @ 12V, Does it mean using the pins provided we can connect two DC devices, one at V- V+, other at V- V+?

How about if we connected a new 4 pin connector head over both V- V- V+ V+, and our new connector head now provided at the other end four V- V- V- V- V+ V+ V+ V+

Providing we stayed within the 50W Capactiy of the PSU, Would this now allow us to power 4 devices, each taking up one V- V+ slot?

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The two V+ and V- terminals are merely for convenience, they will be connected together on the board.

You can connect as many devices as you want to each pair as long as the sum of the currents they draw is less than the max supply current, which is 50 / 12 Amps.

For longevity, you should limit the current to about 75% if the rated current.