What design parameters to look when selecting IGBT for auxiliary ZVS & ZCS circuit?

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Hi all,

I am using a power module with built in gate driver and six (6) IGBTs with FRD for 3-phase induction motor. During my tests, I noticed a lot of ripples on the current everytime the upper and lower gate switch on/off, I'm sure now that it is due to hard switching that occurs inside the module. I am trying to implement a soft switching circuit using a coupled inductors, IGBT gate and snubber capacitor. The inductor acts as the zero current switch, so im designing L based on turn-on snubber design in series with the IGBT. The snubber capacitor is a turn-off snubber that will handle the ZVS.

But before I can pick L or C I need to pick a switch. Unfortunately the power module I am using does not have many information on the 6 IGBTs. Should I pick a switch that is similar to the switch on/off time that the module is using or should I use one that is considerably faster? I am unsure if there is a parameter that I should focus on that will effect the performance.

Vs = 100V, Imax = 50A,
S1 through S6: tonmax = 1.5 us, toffmax = 2.1us with dv(ce)/dt ~ 1000V/us

I found this circuit on the IEEE site and i thought I would give it a shot (if anyone have had experiences using the circuit that would be great).


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