What could be the problem? (Board of tumble dryer)?

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Hi friend. I have a problem with a tumble dryer. 712529-01 electrolux 0102_0004B
At first it does not turn on, I open it and find a large resistor with a small black spot on it.
Behind it (after I take it out) I see it is 47r 10%.
I have no such resistor but I insert a resistor with values 56r.
After that it does not work yet.
After googleit I understand that LNK304GN that is Off-Line Switcher IC link switch.
I buy it soldaring it, and its start works, the lights come on and make noise properly and everything works fine. After that one day it does something very strange.
When I put it on the power and turn it on it does not work, the lights do not turn on and do not work, just noise from the speaker.
Such variable noise.
If one of the company here has an idea why there might be a particular problem or direction.
I would love to hear thank you so much Friends Champions Thank you!


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... Just a guess, but it seems that a frequent problem with these dryers is a cartridge type element that deteriorates after some years of use. .. It may be thermal or current related, however, it should be replaceable without excessive effort. Just pull the old one out and put in a new one. ... So visually inspect the relevant circuit boards and see if there is any possible component that might fit this description. As I recall, the dryer that I repaired was a Maytag, but this design may be used by several brands. If no success with this approach, try contacting an appliance repair shop and ask if there is any particular part that fails frequently,, and can be replaced without too much complication.
... This link may help ... post #4, post #6::
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