What are the type of Business in electronic industry with less money someone can start

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I am from a Computer Science background and already worked with Big MNCs like 'Cisco, Avaya, NetApp, IBM' but now I am out of the job and I want to start my own business.
I have one laptop with an internet connection.
I need suggestions from people who had started a business in similar situations.

I am getting a few thoughts but there are lots of conflict reards feasibility and chance of success
1) Developing a RISC-V CPU design and sell as core IP.

Conflicting thaught is :- It would be not easy as if it would be, then many of the companies had done a long back instead of paying a huge royalty fee to ARM or Intel. So think practical and involve/start that venture where things are possible (impossible venture will waste time, efforts which will de-motivate us and also invite criticism of people that you were not talented so you fail as if they never fail.)

2) Developing Biomatic devices by FPGA programming, MCU Programming and assembling into one biometric device.

Conflicting thaught is :- There are already many companies doing this, on top of that it would be difficult to defeat/compete them and selling products. (a good sales team and money for marketing is needed also initial investment required to purchase and assemble these are needed)

3) Developing compact graphene batteries and selling them.

Conflicting thought is :- I don't have expertization in this area and maybe a special refinement process is required also require small manufacturing/factory and I don't have money for that.

4) Developing electronic devices used in Automobiles.

Conflicting thaught is :- Already big and good companies are developing many things used in automobiles e.g. accident safety system, auto door locking system, etc... also currently don't have that much money to invest.

5) Developing Automobile car body design using CAD

Conflicting thaught is : - millions of people are already there who are showing very attractive design on the internet but nobody (no company) purchases from these people and the same are happening with Smartphone body design, drone body design etc...

6) Developing Automobile car engine (completely new concept) using CAD and sell that design for royalty

Conflicting thought is : - I am not an expert in the Automobile area but only knows a few things (as a part of my hobby) so I may not sure.

When making a decision on which business I can start my most important parameters/consideration will be :-

It should be practical and feasible rather than theoretical. A lot of people do theoretical talks e.g. 'Oh you do this and surely you will succeed if you have the caliber and ability'. And when they fail then these people say 'you fail because of your ability', but the reality why that person fails is not that they are not able or given their hard work but rather they choose the wrong business or at the wrong place or wrong time and also it was financially not feasible for him.
As I believe every person who wants to do business, he is ready to do hard work but maybe he didn't even get an opportunity to show his skills where he can sell them or he had chosen to wrong track (where already competition is high). One example of this is, you can see many of the good animation movie developers are posting their work on youtu** thinking that if somebody gets impressed and give them work but, at the end of the day nothing happens.
CGI/Animated shot incomplete moves has a better story and visual work than those which we see in cinema/Hollywood.
So my point is, there are lots of people who have excellent talent and are hard-working but never get a chance to grow (or get any job/business)

Let's take an example of Smartphone companies, you can clearly observe that only 3 or 4 companies are selling the most handset even the other new companies are coming with better hardware.

"I Have Written above things to avoid comments from those people who simply give theoretical advice and they themself never tried that way what they are advising others"

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Create a website like AAC to teach and help others with electronics in your country in your language.
Practically it won't help me to earn as there are very good forums already there on the internet and lots of video too.
Long back I opened a training institute but no-one or very few people use to come for training and many times trainers quit in between the training courses, it was a terrible experience and a lot of other problems I was in complete loss paying rent for the building and did lots of marketing also. So the point is when we actually start doing things at a practical level then we realize that 'Oh, this is not working' and we try to deal with the problem from every angle and perspective but finally we give up. I know initially every business is hard and takes a little bit of time to be profitable but even spending years people face many problems so business related to the "education sector" won't work out at least today (it was good, back 90s or till 2010). Now the market is saturated and at its highest level, supply (skill) is more but demand is less, this is also because of two-factors, one is the highly educated population (more supply of skill) and government negligence on unemployment issues (This all I am talking about India where currently I am living). Many people outside India have a wrong perception that India has too-many low-quality engineers but not good quality. This is not the fact the reality is all Indian engineers works on the payroll of Indian based IT Service company (which are nothing but the Agents), these service company outsource engineers (skill) to another country companies (actual stakeholder) on 80$ per hour bases (per month of 22 days 1760$), but the engineer who is actually delivering the work never get this much instead of this he gest e.g. 206 $ starting for fresher to 419 $ per month and rest of the salary they/agent eat and feed their stomach and day by day they become richer and richer and do lots of nonsense marketing/pretend they think socially, this is the reason why intentionally engineers deliver bad quality work to end client and end client (most of them at US) get a perception that Indian has lots of bad quality engineers (there are many other unethical things also, what these Indian based IT Service company do) but these things never happen at Europ, USA or any other country at least at this level in comparison with India.

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If the market is so saturated in India why is it that there are so many ESL inquires on AAC from India?
I believe you are not staying in India and struggled for more than 14 years in India already worked with world's biggest 5 companies, and having 3 masters degree with lots of knowledge in 4 different areas.

You are simply assuming on one parameter "Then why so many ESL...." which could be influenced by other reasons e.g. company now have reduced experienced senior labour force and so now fresher labour force need guidance or may be according to your perception you feel there are big inquires but that is less when compared to the reduced skilled labour force from the companies. In past few years (if you do research on the internet) then you will come to know many of the well-skilled employees are fired by the IT companies just because either they don't have enough work/projects or they want to hire a fresher then train them and thereby give them very less (fresher grade salary).

There could be multiple reasons. I have seen the Indian IT industry in reality very closely from the past 14 years and I know many things, based on your one assumption the reality can't be changed. Based on your reply it is also appearing you are young below 40 age, but anyway thanks for your reply.