Weird situation in my facebook group - members too "expert"!

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Joined Apr 5, 2019
So, I decided to come back to FB to kinda spread my stupid questions across a few platforms so as to remain relatively benign here :)

I was distraught by the quality of facebook groups out there about electronics: lots of groups, 30-50k members each, some experts here and there helping out but mostly... to be blunt: idiots! people asking how to get to 4000 volts from some AA batteries, showing a turned-off TV and asking what's wrong, trying to make illegal destructive devices, lots of wrong answers and bickering, etc...

Anyway, I created my own group ("[Experts & Enthusiasts] Electronics projects and repair"), with some nice but constructive member selection criteria and got some really strong members. I would say that the average experience with electronics in that group is about 30 years! Mostly people who own an electronics business of some sort.

Problem is that there's no activity! Well, obviously, some guy who has been doing this for a couple of decades isn't just going to post a question on FB when he's in a new territory to him.

Wondering how to get some questions there, to get people talking, make some noise?


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Never gave it much thought but I don't know how to promote a group on Facebook. There are a few groups I am active in, well I occasionally anyway but nothing electronics related.