Weird Electromagnetic Light Pattern

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ben sorenson

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Hello, messing around with electric arcs and magnets, yesterday I captured a pattern that appeared to move from the camera toward the electric arc. It's just weird, haven't seen this kind of a thing before, was curious if anyone had any ideas.



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The magnets probably don't have much to do with it. It looks like Newton's Rings to me - a neat optical effect that can occur due to spherical lenses (like what you may have in your camera, especially if there's a thin film on one of them).

Also, again: please be very careful when playing around with arcs (especially open arcs). This is a very good way to burn or electrocute yourself.


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The reason for Dick's warning is that electric arcs contain a relatively high amount of high energy UV light, which can seriously damage your eye's retina if not protected.

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ben sorenson

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Hello, these are photos of an electric arc from a device I'm building. Sitting behind the Arc there is a Quartz sphere. I have noticed that while recording video there are lines being emitted, would these lines be spectral lines? Also I wanted to know what was up with the grey lines? I asked someone about this the other day and they said the light may have not made it through the crystal. I don't see how it could make a perfect line next to the other lines if that was the case, I'm confused because "grey" is not a color in the spectrum.


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You are asking this question, as well as many of your other questions, in the wrong place. This place is about EE and circuits and such. You need to go find a forum (not a subforum on a circuits forum site) that is devoted to physics or optics. Try contacting the physics department at a university and speak with someone that specializes in optics or electromagnetics. As it is, what you are doing is akin to going to a cooking forum and asking what kind of tent you should use when you go hunting.