Webench Power Designer Circuit Can't Simulate With LM3150

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I'm implementing the webench design shown here: 1638896264630.png
When implementing it to Tina shown here:1638896255015.pngit it won't reflect the outcome of the webench design, is this an error with the model?

I tried the prebuilt designs from the main page shown here: (https://www.ti.com/product/LM3150)
and everything works correctly, so what am I doing wrong? I know I can set the values for M1 and M2 to get my results, but shouldn't adding the MOSFETs still work as shown in webench? Editing the prebuilt ones doesn't help either and I still get the wrong results.
Also, I tried with LTSpice, and the same thing.

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[QUOTE="TrevorCPE, post: 1688543, member: 823327"
so what am I doing wrong?

If you Remove GND from EN and let it float (or pull it high), it will enable the chip.