web controlled car raspberry pi + arduino / webiopi + firmata (python)

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Im buildin internet controlled rc car with arduino, arduino motor shield and raspberry.
So how to use firmata and webiopi at the same time.

This codes have to be used in python :

import webiopi
import datetime


from pyfirmata import Arduino, utill
board = Arduino('/dev/ttyUSB0')

but how to use those codes in the same time so webiopi and firmata could work together ?

internet control works like this:
web pages picture-javaskript-webiopi macro/funktion from python program -> motor

Do you know some better ways to web control servos and motors using arduino + raspberry pi ?

What i have to do to my wireless internet router/modem (i dont know which it is) if i want to internet control robot from anywhere ?

Can raspberry pi be booted from internet?

How to send voice from raspberry pi s microphone to other pc via internet?


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Interesting idea.
It's not obvious to me why you need the Arduino in the system, since the Pi can run a robot, but it's your setup.
Have you studied this tutorial? http://webiopi.trouch.com/Tutorial_Basis.html Do you understand it all, or do you have questions?
Are there better ways to do this? This looks pretty good to me. In fact, it probably won't get much easier than this.
You won't have to change or modify your wifi router to access your robot from anywhere. That's a network thing you can deal with after you get the robot running on your subnet.
Can the Pi be booted from the Internet? Sure, there are ways to do that. Google it.
Voice from Pi to PC. Two options, Bluetooth and wifi. You'll need to find some software for the Pi that can transmit something like an MP3 file, and set up a receiver on the PC for the same format. Then on the Pi, as part of the software startup, you'll establish a channel over wifi just for the voice content.
I have no idea what a BCM address is.