Ways to connect computer to TVs and monitors

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Hi all,

I have my computer with one monitor located on my office desk and I would like to access this computer from three different locations, these being:

1) My workbench (2 monitors) -- around 5m away
2) My living room (one TV) -- around 25m away
3) My garage (one monitor) -- around 15m away

What would be the best option for sharing this computer with all these different types of display devices? These will not be used simultaneously.
I already tested connection to the TV using the smart-TV device sharing function, but this resulted to be very laggy. I also looked for KVM options, but I am still not convinced.

Any suggestions please?


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The most obvious solution is to have a computer at each of those locations on a local area network. Then you could display data from any computer to any monitor. It would not be cheap. For interfacing to a TV, use the HDMI output of the computer and set it for the best resolution.
Why do you need to do this?


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You can get an HDMI splitter. I saw one yesterday at Princess Auto that had at least 4 outputs. 25 m might be too far for HDMI without using a signal booster, plus running a cable with a big plug on the end requires giant holes, unlike CAT5. There are gizmos that send HDMI over CAT-something. Alternatively, use remote desktop software on a tiny computer connected to the TV, if the smart TV can't run a remote desktop. I used RealVNC to access computers in a server rack. It'll run on a Raspberry Pi.
That probably won't be satisfactory for playing games or media, though, but it eliminates the problem of how to connect a keyboard and mouse back to the computer. My first wireless keyboard used IR; that could be sent over a twisted pair. There are USB extenders that allow sending it via CAT5, or cables with active repeaters/boosters. I have no experience with those. I'd be inclined to just put a free old computer in the garage; dual core should still be adequate. And maybe one of the more powerful Raspberry Pis in the living room.