Ways of interfacing a speed sensor (phototransistor) with a microcontroller


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Depends on Vcc and whether or not you have a use for the other gates in the 74HC14 package. Both circuits will do the job, but note that the 74HC14 has an absolute maximum supply voltage of 7V.


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Simply the circuit on the two optocouplers is much faster than on one. Although, as I understand it, you do not need it. But I modeled one of the options discussed.


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Or you can just connect it directly to the input, depends on the need for fast edge transitions.
Many MCUs have built-in comparators and adjustable references on chip. Often, the comparator output can be configured to also control one or more timers with very little code.

I try to eliminate as much analog front-end as possible these days. It makes for more flexible, lower-cost, and higher reliability designs.


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I use the slot opto's connected directly to the Micro input, either a 10k pull up or down as needed.
Usually used in conjunction with the TMR1 external clock in.
There is also the pic18F2331/4431 that has inputs geared to encoder input, quadrature etc.
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