water level monitor and switch

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    Apr 28, 2012
    To understand what I am wanting to do I need to explain a bit about my situation.

    I live in Zimbabwe and on top of our electricity woes we have no water supplied by the local authority.

    The infrastructure has broken down. So we have 5000 litter storage tanks that we buy water from water merchants ($65.00 for 5000 liters)

    The biggest problem I have is knowing the level of the water at any given time. I therefore want to build a monitor. That shows me full, three quarters, half and almost empty.

    I have bought a Wilarm module (not sure) what it's called. Basically when the switch is open or closed it sends an sms. The empty sms tells me when to order water and the full sms tells me when the water has been delivered.

    The sensor has to be quite robust. And relatively accurate.

    I am looking for guidance and advice for the monitor and switch
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    There several different Wilarm modules. Which model do you have? Do you have power available at the tank?

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    Apr 28, 2012
    I do have power at the tank. I have the wilarm micro. This is powered from its own power supply
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