Want to learn powertool repair

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Rufus Chucklebutty

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Anyone know of any resources other than YouTube for learning to repair power tools, battery drills especially and corded tools?

I don't want to get into the details of the pcb's, just locating faults, replacing parts and getting tools and batteries back into operation.


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Schooling in Electronic Technology would be a start. Most power tools are pretty much designed as throw away these days. With a tech degree you would be hirable by manufacturers as a field tech. Or find a local big box store that has a service department. Much more call for appliance repair and home theater system installs than hand tools though.


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Most portable power tool problems are with the battery packs or chargers, which, as SamR pointed out, are not designed to be repaired. Most problems with AC power tools are worn brushes and defective speed control switches. You don't really need any special training to replace those. If the tool has really been abused, the motor will need rewinding. In that case, it is more cost effective to just buy a new one.