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I'm trying to locate a replacement part for an HVAC control module for a CASE IH combine. Below is what I have for information. I believe it's a voltage regulator based on where it is on the PCB. I have some of the markings on the case but can't seem to locate the actual part. Part of the case is burnt so it's hard to read everything on it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.






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The Printing on the Part means absolutely nothing, except to the manufacturer of the Board.

I'll bet that Control-Board costs over a thousand Dollars to replace.

I'd start looking for some means to completely eliminate this AC "Controller".
Do You know everything that it is supposed to Sense and Control ?
Do You have a Wiring-Schematic for your Combine ?

AC-Controls can be very simple, or stupidly complex,
they ALL have similar basic parts, controls, and functionality requirements,
and You can probably make it blow Cold-Air with some Butt-Splices and some Lamp-Cord.

With a Schematic it may be possible to bypass this box completely and figure-out
several different scenarios with increasing-costs and "convenience-levels" to suit your situation.

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Chances are, if it's a voltage regulator, it will have the same pinout as an LM78xx. Take a look at the traces and see if the pinout makes sense for an LM78xx. Input, output and ground. Most likely caps between the input and ground and output and ground.

If that pinout makes sense, then look at what parts the output is connected to to get a guess at output voltage. Also check the voltage rating of any caps on the output for a clue.