Voltage Regulator not regulating

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Not sure where I went wrong here. I'm using the L6932H1.2 Voltage Stepdown Data sheet HERE
Input Voltage is 12v, hoping to step down to 5v, but my resulting Vout is 12v.

Here is my eagle schematic which I used to make the board:

The equation for the voltage divider is

Vout = (1.2/R2) x (R1+R2)
I used 3.3k for R1 and 1k for R2.

Vout = (1.2/1000) x (4300)
Vout = .0012x4300
Vout= 5.16

C1,C2, and R3 values were taken right off of the datasheet.

Is this a passive component issue? A wiring issue? A "you misunderstood the core concept" issue?
Is there any common mistakes you know of that lead to a regulator outputing the VCC? (i.e. check to make sure C1 is properly soldered)
Any help would be appreciated.


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The majority of development problems with linear regulators come down to pinout errors. I suggest adding the rest of the pin numbers to the decal, then checking to make sure the software's opinion of the physical pin assignments agrees with the datasheet.


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If found the problem. I set up a ground plane on the top layer and I guess one of the routes severed that plane.
I wish eagle would give me an unrouted? Oh well, it was a user-error, ground not connected issue