Voltage Controlled Switch with Hysteresis.

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Hello everyone
So I am trying to build a circuit that controls the charge and discharge of a condenser. The main cycle of the circuit can be summarized as:

1. A capacitor is connected to a DC source, charging it up to around 5V.
2. When the capacitor reaches 5V, the capacitor should be disconnected from the DC source and connected to a load resistance until it discharges to around 1.5V.
3. When 1.5V are reached at the capacitor, the cycle repeats in step 1.

The problem is that power requirements are very limited and I cannot use any device that consumes more than 10uA. So very low power consumption is a must.
Does anyone know how I could do that?


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Welcome to AAC.
Post your best effort at solving this and we can guide you where needed. We don't do homework for you.