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Hello there, I am working on a Vintage Audio Mixer SoundCraft Folio SX and the previous owner lost the power pack. Upon researching I think I found a picture of the power pack for it but as per the store its not available anymore. On the picture of the power pack I noticed that three pin out put and is 17.1-0-17.1v and on the Mixer Unit itself has three pins a red, a gray, and a black wire connected to the circuit board. I tried tracing them and it look like the common or ground wire is the gray. I can’t look further the board cause it is riveted but it looks to me that the wires went to two separate recitifiers and I can barely see the regulator ICs. I have a spare AC/AC adapter 16v 1250ma. I tried connecting it to the gray and red wire and I had the LEDs on the Mixer light up. Can anyone tell me what the other circuit where the black and gray is for? Can I get away with only one circuit having an AC17v?


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"" Can I get away with only one circuit having an AC17v? ""
You must purchase an appropriate Transformer.

If you go messing around trying to attach various odd
Power-Supplies to this Mixing-Board you may fry something.

This Mixer is quite valuable, don't destroy it.

The Schematics for this Mixer are readily available online.

The Transformer You need is .......
DigiKey p/n 237-1341-ND ~$41.oo
Secondaries = 18VAC X 2
Primaries = 115 / 230 VAC
Soundcraft PS FLAT .png