Very simple problem with transistors

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I've just got into electronics about three days ago and started reading the tutorials on this website (best one I could find!) and yesterday I bought what I wanted and started trying to make something. I made a simple LED switch but then wanted to make logic gates with transistors. So I first tried something really simple, and surprise-surprise, it didn't work. I did look up information of what resistors etc. to use for the transistors, but I guess I did something wrong (my bet is that there's a too weak wrong resistor for the base current or something even more stupid).

Here's a picture of what I tried:


And a crappy drawing:


I have a 9V battery, from the negative pole come two resistors. One is 4.3KR (base) and other is 360R. The transistor is 2N3904. More details in bottom picture. I know I probably just a made a stupid mistake or perhaps pretty much the whole thing is a disaster.

Thanks ahead!

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The base of the transistor is connected to ground, so it can never turn on.

The picture of your breadboard is less useful than the drawing you made. I can't tell which terminal is the cathode on the LED. If I hadn't been using a 2N3094 recently, I probably wouldn't have remembered the pinout.

Your schematic is drawn upside down. Normal convention is to have it flow from left to right and top to bottom:
You want something more like this:
I changed R2 to limit current in the LED to about 10mA; 20mA is usually near the max allowed continuous current.