VERY BASIC Wireless push button

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Hi everyone,
Im developing a project where I activate a relay with a push button, it works great having the push button wired to the relay, but is there a simple and cheap way of having a wireless push button?
Could this be accomplished with a RF module such as this one (®-433Mhz-Transmitter-Receiver-Arduino/dp/B00M2CUALS)?

The push button will activate the transmitter
Ideally no pairing process would be required
I don't envision requiring a protocol to ensure there is communication between Transmitter and receiver
The push button can be pressed continuously for random amounts of time, and the relay should be activated accordingly
The distance between the transmitter and receiver will be less than 1 meter
The transmitter will be powered by batteries

Any pointers or solutions would be appreciated.


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It's not too bad. a '555 can generate a 1kHz square wave when a button is pressed and then another '555 configured as a missing pulse detector could detect the modulation and operate a relay.

Actually, this guy has got it working without modulation, but I don't know whether it would keep working if you kept the button for longer:


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I have used a few of these from Amazon but a Google of wireless relay board should get you a few dozen hits.

INSMA 433Mhz Wireless RF Switch Long Range DC 12V 4CH Channel Wireless Remote Control Switch, DC12V Relay Receiver Module, Transmitter Toggle Switch RF Relay (2 Transmitter & 1 Receiver)

Two key fob transmitters four channels and any of them can be programmed as latching or non-latching. Open field, unobstructed I get about 100 meters. Then too, a cordless doorbell for short distances.