Very basic circuit with Li-Ion bat. and motors advice needed

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Hey everyone!

So my knowledge on circuitry is close to none yet I've decided to put it up to myself to make a relatively simple circuit however I need help and advice from you on the power supply and to let me know if I am missing anything. I've attached an image with my planned circuit. I want the battery to be a Li-Ion battery which I can recharge with a microUSB to USB cable so that's where my first problem comes. Is there a pre-designed circuit I can use in conjunction with a Li-Ion battery in which I can plug in the battery on one end and have the microUSB input on the other? If yes is there a specific battery I must use with the circuit?

The motors I will be using are 1rpm and they will not all be used at once, hence why they're running in parallel with individual switches. A more likely scenario is that 2 of the motors will run for a couple of hours after which they will be switched off and other will be turned on for a while too. On a daily basis the whole run time will be roughly 8 hours. What sort of capacity should I be looking at for the battery?

Also if anyone sees any flaws in the circuitry (keep in mind that compared to some of the stuff I've seen on here I am an absolute beginner haha) or has a better solution I'm open for ideas!

Thank you so much in advance!



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You really need the motor name plate data or more specific the motor current (maximum load the battery will see) and motor voltage requirements. Also, if any one motor will experience a locked rotor for any reason each motor should be fused. Total load will be the sum of the motors running at any given time.