verilog code in VS code?

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@andrewmm suggested a pdf book that I could read for VHDL. I have been trying to learn the basics of verilog though. This was a suggestion of a teacher in a previous class that I learn both. So I looked up a pdf book for verilog and found one. I have been reading and playing along in eda playground. I write the code in VS Code then copy and paste because in VS code I can see any spelling or syntax errors better, but I can't run the verilog code on VS code that I know of. I have a board but no display. Aside for eda playground is there a way to get that output? Say using VS code? Does anybody know?

P.S. I am using quartis 2 v13.1 lite as my ide for the actual FPGA could I use the testbench there for results?