Velleman MK103 Modifications

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Hello everyone, I'm just getting started on my first electronics project and had a few questions. I'm using a Velleman Mk103 sound to light kit and I want to swap out the LED's and have them mounted someplace other than the pcb.

I've done some reading but I want to make sure I have things correct:

1) If I swap out the red LEDs for Blue 3.4v LEDs will I only be able to run 2?

2) If I swap out the LEDs I need to also change the R9 resistor?

3) Whats the easiest way to connect the LEDs but have them mounted separate from the board? I assume cat5 wire would be fine?

4) If I wanted to use this circuit to power 10 LEDs of different colors, I would assume I would also need to increase the power supply- How can I determine the power needs for such a setup?

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You can modify the MK103 but for the range of capabilities your questions imply you could much more easily use the MK186.

This topic has come up more than once on this forum. A search for both kit model numbers would yield some useful threads.