Velleman MK103 Sound to light project

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Hello all,
I m about to start a DIY project with the MK103 sound to light unit and i had some questions

I am fairly new to electronic DIY but i want to use the MK103 with over 80 leds at the same time.
basically instead of having 4 led light up with the sound i want over 80 to do so.
How should i proceed?
any help would be appreciated, as i say i am new to this type of DIY.


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Replace the LEDs with an N-channel Mosfet. Connect a 1k resistor to ground from the gate of the Mosfet to turn it off. The Mosfet can drive many LEDs connected in strings. Each string will have a few LEDs in series and in series with a current-limiting resistor.
The strings of LEDs will need a power supply to provide enough current.