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Am using VCO (POS-400+) to generate a fixed 300MHz signal.
This VCO output is connected to an Attenuator (ZX73-2500+ ) and the attenuator output is further fed to a RF Amplifier (ZHL-1-2W+) all with supporting electronics for controls.
This has been working fine. (all components are Mini-Circuits make)

Now, my application demands that: I use that same VCO output signal (300MHz) to feed to another attenuator (ZX73-2500+ ) (in parallel to the above) and another RF amp (ZHL-1-2W) is connected to the output of this second attenuator.

While I am connecting in this mode, the output of the second RF amplifier is heavily dropping to ~10% of its normal expected output while the original RF amp drop is marginal. As I realized, this is due to the VCO output itself is dropping.

1) Any remedies/corrections recommended viz: matching issues?
2) What could be the reason for this drop in signal & how to correct it?

Appreciate any technical help or recommend suitable help centers/ websites.
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