VCO input modulating voltage

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I have RF VCO module. I have 2 inputs Vcc (Power supply at 5V). Then I have modulating signal 0-4.5V. What should I do with the modulating signal? Can I short it to the GND (The GND on the VCC)? What is the modulating signal for? It is 1.2GHz VCO module. I need the VCO to be in the Box. It is not for a bench testing. If anybody have a reference for VCO book or manual that would be great.


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The purpose of the modulating signal is to change something about the RF carrier signal. It could change the amplitude of the RF carrier, or it could change the frequency, it could be a stream of data that would be encoded onto the carrier. The possibilities are virtually endless. Grounding it may or may not produce an observable result. Do you have the equipment to try it and see? Do you have any idea who or what it might interfere with if you go messing about? Do you know what a dummy load is?