Value of Inductor by inspection


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In a PC power supply , how can I guess the inductance value shown here ?
Since ferrite core materials have such a wide range of permeability, I don't see how you could make other than a WAG estimate just by looking at it.

You could try searching for similar size cores with similar wire size and number of turns to get a ballpark idea.


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if you read the label's power ratings of your SMPS - you can estimate such by simulating a dummy switched inductor flyback DCDC to see how fast the voltage needs to ramp the inductor so it can provide the specified output power inside the SOA limits of your SMPS Mos-Fet-s ??? so that the output filtered ripple won't be much over ±100 ... ±150 mV -- but that requires digging the web for the typical converter frequencies used for alike loads