Using 220v in a 110v country

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Hi, I am a honestly a newbie.

I hope someone can help me answer a simple question.
I am going to move to a foreign country where they have 110v outlets.
I have a laptop and a portable computer screen I wish to bring there.
They both use 220v. Would a adapter like this from Ebay,
work if I plug my 220v devices with this adapter into the socket, will
my equipment handle work well on a stepped down voltage like 110v?


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Note that it is unbranded. Are you willing to take the risk that it isn't come cheap counterfeit device that will destroy your laptop, or worse?

Even if it is legit, note that it is only rated for 100 W. Is that enough to power both your laptop and monitor?


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I live in Canada where the electricity is 120V and 240V. High power appliances like stoves, clothes dryers and air conditioners use the 240VAC.
Dual 120VAC receptacles in the kitchen use 240VAC with 3 wires.
You could add a cable adapter to plug into two receptacles in the kitchen and have a 240V jack that matches your plugs.


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I would use a name brand converter rated for a least 50% more wattage then the sum of your laptop and monitor rating.


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The laptop should just work, but check the label.

The portable screen, does the power supply have a detachable mains cord? Or does the mains cord plug directly into the monitor? If it does, does it detach? C13 perhaps?

Check the both the labels, I suspect that they will both accept 110v power inputs..

Just get a power cable when you get there, and plug in... This is why laptop power cables come apart, one universal power supply world-wide and then a local mains cable.


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Well I was originally referring to the post by Audioguru which mentions "Dual 120VAC receptacles in the kitchen use 240VAC with 3 wires".
Which I believe was the once allowed practice to use a common neutral for each, 3 wire cable and GND.


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Have you checked that your laptop and monitor will not run on 240V too?
Most devices I have are "universal" input, 100 to 240V in.
Also what frequency is the AC ? In Canada we have 120/240V @60Hz in households. Don't some countries use 40 or 50Hz.

I'm imagining that some SMPS controller chips might not be setup for different AC frequencies. It's possible.


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I doubt the frequency is a concern with most switch mode supplies as the first thing that happens is the mains is rectified. Most will actually run on DC of sufficient voltage.


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My 120VAC outlets are rated and circuit-breaker'd at 15A (1800W). In my kitchen I can operate a 1700W kettle in one outlet of a dual outlet and operate a 1700W frypan in the other outlet. The voltage between the outlets is 240VAC.


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some of the chinese unbranded products are of decent quality, they'd probably work rather well. but if they are unbranded find some way to test it in your home country, the adapter should not run hot when used
it can be a hit and miss for these products, what is missing is the country local tests and certifications to ensure that the product work as expected and safely