Use cell phone camera to embedded system

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It's possible use cell phone camera in embedded system ? For exemple, i'm can to transmite images from camera to Galileo board ?

In this case, how to connect the camera in Galileo ?

Which camera use for this purpose ?


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Are you suggesting levering a camera module off a cell phone's circuit board and then connecting it to your dev board and hoping to get it working? I'd say - not a chance. How will you know the model of the camera? It may be a special produced only for the phone manufacturer rather than an off the shelf item as they buy in millions. Where will you get the data sheet? How will you make the connections to your board, because they are mighty small? Can you write the driver needed? It won't be trivial.

Three suggestions I have:

1) Leave the camera where it is in the phone and write an app for the phone that takes a picture or video clip and emails it to your dev board, choosing a dev board that has or can have an internet connection somehow - either mobile or wired, and a TCP/IP stack and can run an email client. Or use WiFi, Bluetooth, IR etc. Any of this should be reasonably easy to do in Android at the phone end.

2) Get a RPi + camera module - cheap, lots of options and all the support you need to get it going.

3) Get a dev board with a camera like the MM900EVA3. More expensive and less support than the RPi option though.