Usb Type C enhanced Video passthrough with power input

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Hello. I am contemplating a end user problem here.

DEVICE who can both charge the usb IN and OUT with at least 45w from the steam deck, and enough for a hdmi or a usb video out towards...
Nreal Air glasses, that have a type c in, and take power from once the origin device battery is out, if there is no power chord into that origin device, byebye

At the moment I am using a very heavy dell WD19 dock that have a secondary type c video out....and I saw some type c video switches, who are powered only at 5v tho....can i have some suggestions on how to make a device like the one I describe here, or some literature to consult about this things, please? And of course NO I am not an engineer, just someone who from time to time builds stuff....but never electrical until now.

Type C enhanced (video+power) IN (Powered)
Type C power IN (100w would be ok? maybe more or less?)
Type C enhanced out (powered)

such device would need a controller chip similar to the ones used in docking stations? or the whole thing can be bypassed and be more simple?

I found this article

I need some more literature to understand what products I can use, basically....
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