USB ISP Programmer Version 2.0 Pins Order

Jon Chandler

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Just "fold" the diagram around the corner. The right hand row of pins in the picture is the bottom row of pins in the connector.

Also notice where the wide bar in the picture represents the slot on the top of the connector.

Or measure between what you think could be Vcc to the four ground pins adjacent to it.


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The pins on the programmer are labeled. You need to wire each pin on the programmer to the corresponding pin on the AT89S52… The datasheet will tell you the pin assignment on the MCU. The programmer has a connector to easily connect the wiring to it. The MCU can be hard wired or an equivalent connector used.


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One method you might try is looking for the manufacturer ID and the device ID, and looking them up on the web.

I get the impression that this is semi-clone of the USB ISP Mark II.

Several programmers that Imitate that programmer are based on USPASAP USB interface and are are supported by AVR studio and I am pretty sure Arduin IDE. USBASP has not worked on the Mac OS for years but seems ok on Windows.


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There are a number of AVR programming software packages available. Two that I use are AVRDUDE (Command line interface.) and extreme burner AVR (GUI interface.) If you Google these you will also find help on using them.


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Device Manager shows USBHID devices when I connect the programmer to the PC. Does this mean that the driver is installed correctly?


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I don't know. I don't see that USB device in device manager when the USBisp is plugged into the USB.
What AVR programming software have you installed ?