US Survalence plane make emergency landing in Russia


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The book Deep Black: Space Espionage and National Security by William E. Burrows makes a good case that surveillance is stabilizing because neither side thinks the other side is is hiding something or that they can completely hide something that can start a war.

This book was published in 1988 but I am sure its history about aerial and satellite reconnaissance remains relevant and interesting.


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It is, indeed, an excellent book. But the fact that everyone knows that everyone spies on everyone does not necessarily mean that incidents do not have consequences. Even when countries have treaties in place that require each side to facilitate surveillance and verification of the treaty terms by whatever means are authorized, be it satellite surveillance or on-site inspections, every country still has secrets that it wants kept secret and that the other side wants to know. That leaves plenty of room for conflict and, generally, neither side wants to either admit making a mistake nor look weak and irresolute in defending its national security. Usually it just becomes a war of words that runs its course, but that isn't guaranteed.

But that's "in general" -- in this case it really is much ado 'bout nothing. The aircraft was on a scheduled observation flight with Russian observers on board and had taken off from a Russian airfield with the knowledge and permission of Russian authorities. So there was no reason for anyone to get tense and, by all accounts, no one did.


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And Trump asked for his(Putin) help in getting Clinton's deleted emails back. Wonder what cabinet post Putin would get in the Donald's white house? Secretary of the internet?
I'm shocked, shocked that nations (or groups in general) are stealing secrets and trying to influence policy to their advantage. Did I say I was shocked?
If I were still at NSA and someone came to me and said, ‘We just discovered that the Russian Foreign Minister has a private server. Now it’s just unclassified email on it but we think we can get into it.’ Believe me, we’d have been after that in a heartbeat. I suspect a bunch of others have done the same.”
It's amazing how easy the media and willing dupes were maneuvered into McCarthyism. Red Scare 2.0 version.
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This type of surveillance was permitted under treaties between the two countries. Everyone knows about it, except some dumb politicians from a certain party made a fuss about the Russians trying to resume those flights in the US.

This incident should be shocking only to those ignorant people.


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Today, the United States has morphed from a Cold War, and in some cases a hot war, into a cyberwar, with computer coding replacing bullets and bombs. Yet the American public manages to be “shocked, shocked” that a foreign country would attempt to conduct cyberespionage on the United States.

NSA operations have, for example, recently delved into elections in Mexico, targeting its last presidential campaign. According to a top-secret PowerPoint presentation leaked by former NSA contract employee Edward Snowden, the operation involved a “surge effort against one of Mexico’s leading presidential candidates, Enrique Peña Nieto, and nine of his close associates.” Peña won that election and is now Mexico’s president.

The NSA identified Peña’s cellphone and those of his associates using advanced software that can filter out specific phones from the swarm around the candidate. These lines were then targeted. The technology, one NSA analyst noted, “might find a needle in a haystack.” The analyst described it as "a repeatable and efficient" process.
The Cyber Navy, for example, calls itself the Information Dominance Corps. The Cyber Army is providing frontline troops with the option of requesting “cyberfire support” from Cyber Command, in much the same way it requests air and artillery support. And the Cyber Air Force is pledged to “dominate cyberspace” just as “today we dominate air and space.”
They even have a spiffy badge.