Urgent - Circuit analysis with dif. equation

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Hello there,

I'm having trouble with analyzing the following circuit... Needs to be done ASAP - final exam tommorow and my brains are spinning.

Vg = 24V
R1 = 400R
R2 = 800R
R3 = 200R
L = 0,2H
C = 0,96uF

Text: Circuit is connected like shown above for a long time and at t = 0, switch is opened, which disconnects R1 and source. Find Vc and Ic for t >= 0.

Here is my solution (however, it's clearly wrong since solution is not stable):
Vc(0) = 16V (solenoid is short circuit, capacitor is open circuit at DC after it charges - results to simple voltage divider between R1 and R2)
R = 1000R (R2 and R3 in series)

Note: not sure why the picture is rotated...

Thank you, I need the solution to this ASAP.