Help with Op - Amp Circuit! Urgent!

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I wanted to design an op - amp circuit that amplify 5V to about 50V but I have no idea what type of op-amp I need for this job. In addition, I don't know how to build this non inverting op amp circuit because I have no idea about the value of capacitors and resistors required for this type of circuit. Please help!!


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What is the circuit for? What does the input come from? What does the output drive? Why was a task of this complexity given to someone without the necessary design skills and experience? Note that I am not picking on you, simply asking why your company or instructor (school work?) gave this task to someone who is not prepared for it.



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Navilli - I suppose you do not intend to design an OPAMP. This is an integrated device that can be bought from the stock.
I rather assume that you want to design an AMPLIFIER - using an opamp IC, right?
Why do you think, you will need capacitors? Shall the amplifier have some frequency-dependent properties?


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Are you attempting to design the amplifier from scratch using discrete components such as resistors, capacitors, and transistors?
Or are you looking for an off-the-shelf IC that does the amplification?

What is the minimum and maximum frequency of your signal?
What is the resistance of the load that the output of the amplifier or output current required?

LM675 can operate to 60V, with 3A output, to 70kHz.


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My crystal ball tells me that what you are looking for is not an amplifier but a DC to DC converter.

You say the input is 5V. Do you mean you want to get 50V out from a constant 5V in?

Or, are you talking about a digital signal with 5V and 0V logic levels?

Or an analog signal with some range of voltages topping out at 5V?

The three have very different solutions.


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sorry about my vague question. This is the wave I want to amplify by a gain of 10. It's an output from a DAC which is converting a wave on a .csv file to an actual voltage waveform. I coded this on python on my RaspPi.



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Just to be clear:
The voltage/signal/wave has a voltage range of 0 to 5V.
You want a gain of 10 so the output will be 0 to 50V.
It is hard to see but I think the entire picture is about 1 second.
How fast is the ADC updating?
What will you drive with the signal? A speaker? A light bulb? We need to know how much power.
Look at the LTC6090 opamp. It can handle 140V supply. They say the output can go from supply to supply. But when the output is at one of the supplies the output current is very low. I might use a -12V and a +60V supply.
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